Moon over Brasschaat

Shooting the moon

I have always been a fan of shots where the moon is nicely visible and the surroundings are dark, sometimes silhouetted.  The fascination with these types of shots began when seeing the famous Ansel Adams photo “Moonrise over Hernandez”.  I’m sure a lot of people have seen it and most haven’t asked any questions over […]

Backyard Beauty

Don’t forget your backyard

Belgium, where I live, is not really known for its big scenic landscapes, or for its impressive nature and wildlife diversity.  When we Belgians think about landscape and nature photography, we often think about travel.  Going out and shooting some faraway places that have everything that we don’t have, wild apex predators, sweeping landscapes, mountains […]


The Art in Nature

When I was creating my new website, I came to the task of choosing new portfolio images.  I was going to have three categories.  One would be motorsports photography, the other two would be landscape and wildlife.  Once I came to the landscape photographs however, I noticed that in the selection there were two very […]


A new site & blog

Today I launched a revamped version of my blog and my website.  The idea for the blog is to post some of my favorite images here with a little explanation of the why and the how.  The blog will be a little less integrated into my website because the two serve a different purpose.  Of […]

The 2012 24 hours of Spa – Or how much rain can one event see?

The 24h of Spa is, besides the Formula 1 race, probably the most prestigious motorsports event in Belgium.  This year it was also the pinnacle event of the Blancpain Endurance Series.  The unofficial world GT endurance championship which has made the 24h of Spa its main event of the year.  With almost 70 cars at the […]

An excercise in patience

Photographing wildlife is a waiting game.  It takes a lot of patience and determination. Although I’m very interested in wildlife and I would love to spend a lot more time photographing them, patience sadly is not something that comes naturally to me. So when our yearly week of rest in the Pyrenees came around this […]